Chuck Olmstead

Senior Pastor

Chuck Olmstead

Hi, my name is Chuck. I grew up enjoying life in a small Montana town. I learned there was value in a hard day’s work. My family, which was a normal family in that it wasn’t perfect, taught me that love is an action word. I passionately pursued outdoor adventures like hunting and fishing. I was driven to live life wide open, straight ahead! By the time I was a sophomore in high school I knew with utmost certainly I was supposed to be a pastor.

That journey of becoming a pastor took me all the way to Texas Lutheran College for my college degree and then to Luther Seminary for my pastoral education. Following school I began ministry in 1984 here at Hope Lutheran and have been here ever since, over half my life. Wow, what a ride! What a place and what a people! They are passionately dedicated to reaching out with God’s Good News of radical grace in Jesus. This community of faith is continuously putting their love for God into action in unparalleled acts of kindness in Jesus’ name. Being a pastor at Hope Lutheran is over the top challenging and vigorously exciting. God is always up to something in this place.

My family includes my good friend and wife, Cara, who also works at Hope Lutheran. She is a gift from God to me. My son Luke is launched out into life on his own. I’m proud to say that I’m number two in his life. Jesus is his hero! My daughter, Leah, also has a passion to follow Jesus with her life, and she’s not afraid to tell you why! The newest member of my family is Anthony Morrison who recently married my daughter…I’m now number 3 in her life. And I couldn’t be happier!

I try to live my life keeping my eyes and ears wide open - God's always up to something and I don't want to miss it!

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