Chuck Olmstead

Senior Pastor

Chuck Olmstead

Hi, my name is Chuck. I grew up enjoying life in a small Montana town. I learned there was value in a hard day’s work. My family, which was a normal family in that it wasn’t perfect, taught me that love is an action word. I passionately pursued outdoor adventures like hunting and fishing. By the time I was a sophomore in high school I knew with utmost certainly I was supposed to be a pastor. That journey of becoming a pastor took me all the way to Texas Lutheran College for my college degree and then to Luther Seminary for my pastoral education.

Following school I began ministry in 1984 here at Hope Lutheran and have been here ever since, over half my life. Wow, what a ride! What a place and what a people! This community of faith is continuously putting their love for God into action in unparalleled acts of kindness in Jesus’ name. Being a pastor at Hope Lutheran is over the top challenging and vigorously exciting.

My family includes my good friend and wife, Cara, who also works at Hope Lutheran. Cara and I have a son, Luke; a daughter, Leah, married to our son-in-law Anthony Morrison. Anthony and Leah recently made us grandparents! A great joy.

I try to live my life keeping my eyes and ears wide open. God's always up to something and I don't want to miss it!

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